Fence Armor

Post Gaurds

  • Fence Armor® presents 3" & 6" tall Full & Mailbox Post Guard
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and is sold in pairs with four matching screws for a professional finish
  • Made with American steel and manufactured entirely in North America
  • Full Protection offers sizes ranging from 3.00" to 8.00", including standard nominal sizes of 6x6 and 4x4 wooden posts
  • Post guards are designed to fit square and rectangular posts and can be used on any post, such as wood, vinyl, or composite
  • Best to install the 3" tall version about an inch above the ground line to center it for trimmer-cutting height
  • Adding Fence Armor® after painting or staining your fence adds value to the home and protects your investment
  • The Redwood version comes at a premium price, but it is truly a beautiful sublimated wood grain finish embedded in powder coating
  • Use Fence Armor® Post Guard to maintain the appearance of new and existing square or rectangular posts, freshly painted or stained
  • Simplifies yard clean-up and fence maintenance from weedwhacker damage
  • Use Full Protection Post Guard to safeguard mailboxes, vinyl fences, fences, decks, or pergolas
  • Choose to protect one or both sides of the post as needed
  • Enhance the appearance and prolong the life of any post with properly fitting steel Fence Armor® Post Guard
  • Enjoy your fenced yard or deck for years to come
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  • Saves you time, hassle, and stress by protecting your investment in your new wooden gate posts.
  • Easy to apply, so you can save time on installation.
  • Proven to be 100% effective against ground-line decay through independent testing.
  • Comes with a 20-year post-replacement guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your posts are protected. 14" long.
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CAP CLAW™ Post Caps

  • Fence Armor® introduces our elegant Decorative Finials
  • Finely crafted, integrated decorative fence post toppers offer a perfect blend of form and function when added to the top of Fence Armor® Post Caps
  • Transform the aesthetic appeal of your property with a graceful touch of our Fence Armor® Decorative Finials
  • Enhance the beauty of fences, pergolas, porches, and deck post caps
  • Universal decorative fence post toppers can also be used with other manufactured post caps
  • Each finial comes with a removable 1/4"-20 nut that can be affixed to the underside of other manufactured fence post caps for secure attachment
  • Collection of Fence Armor® metal fence post finials includes six refined designs
  • Designs molded using 100% American zinc or aluminum and crafted entirely in North America
  • Finished with signature premium, powder-coat textured finish for a lustrous, wrought iron aesthetic
  • Designs include Fleurs de Lis, Ball-Top Quad, Trident, Hops, Texas Star Lasso, and Acorn-Flag (designed to hold miniature flag poles as a customizable feature)
  • Elevate the sophistication of your fence, pergola, porch, or deck with Fence Armor® Decorative Finials
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